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AVSED is a local charity working to prevent social isolation and loneliness for Aireborough seniors by supporting happy, healthy and independent living

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AVSED was originally started in 1992 by a group of local people in Yeadon who saw the desperate need to help older people and prevent loneliness and social isolation. Our name was Aireborough Voluntary Services to the Elderly with Disabilities and became well known as AVSED. Many years ago the disabilities element was stopped to focus solely on services to the elderly. 

We started out at Suffolk Court residential home in Yeadon and provided activities at many different locations. In 2016 we moved to Nunroyd Pavilion (also known as Green Lane Cricket Club) with our offices upstairs and activities in the hall downstairs. Over the past 30 years we have become a registered charity, joined the Leeds Neighbourhood Network Scheme and grown into the thriving and established organisation we are today. 

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In July 2022 AVSED celebrated 30 years of supporting Aireborough seniors. This was also the year we underwent a full organisational review, relaunch and rebrand.

We have kept our well known, established and
reputable name AVSED though it is no longer associated with the old acronym and represents itself in name only, alongside our brand-new logo.

Membership is free and open to people over 60 years living in the Aireborough area.


Our fundamental aims have developed but we have kept our original theme - today AVSED is a local charity working to prevent the social isolation and loneliness for Aireborough seniors, supporting happy, healthy, and independent living. To provide this we have an experienced staff team who work alongside our dedicated volunteers, the local community and city-wide support to offer an extensive programme of activities and services covering all aspects of living and ageing well.

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