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We use our accessible minibuses for various trips throughout the year. Some trips are local half day visits to pubs for a nice lunch, others are a little further afield for shopping, garden centres or to visit places of interest.

In the future we will be offering full
day trips including city markets, seaside destinations and seasonal events.

The costs for trips are variable depending on location and fees.

See our current
newsletter for our current trips.


To make sure a trip is going to meet your mobility and independence needs, we have a new handy guide so you can choose which trips to book onto.


Independent Trip


These trips are for members who are fully independent, meaning you do not need any support and the venue may not be suitable for those with mobility issues: uneven surface, stairs & access issues.


Supported Trip


These trips are open to all members. Limited support will be available. You can also bring your own support, such as a carer. Venues may be suitable for all with some support.


Extra Care Trip


These trips are open to all members, including those that need some extra care: one to one support, mobility issues, mild memory loss. Venues will be fully accessible and suitable for all needs.

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