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AVSED offers support and guidance through an array of services. For additional support and bespoke assistance, we will refer to appropriate agencies.

To see our full list of services, please download the PDF.

To find out more email or call 01132501702


AVSED’s new approach to supporting more people in our community. Suitable for those in a carer and cared for situation – particularly around dementia/memory and other long term health conditions. The theory is around supporting both the carer and cared for and offering a wrap-around programme that is suitable and feasible to access for both parties, promoting the benefits of spending time together and time apart, and ensuring the facilities and logistics to do so are available. AVSED offers meaningful activity and support for both nurturing sustainable interaction and participation.


AVSED is actively working towards being a Dementia Friendly Organisation, ensuring we are welcoming and supportive to anyone living with, or affected by dementia. Our dedicated dementia lead works alongside our staff and volunteer team - who are experienced in dementia awareness to deliver person-centred dementia-friendly services, and are signed up as dementia friends. We offer case management support with prompting, invoicing and carer/family support plus knowledge and understanding.


AVSED produces a quarterly newsletter filled with information, advice and news. It is posted to every member and is our best line of communication.


Feeling safe and secure in your property is one of the highest priorities for remaining independent. AVSED can support you to understand your options and available services that can assist.
We can refer to the fire brigade for an assessment, request community support from the police, contact Councillors and authorities to request advice and support and explore relevant organisations that offer bespoke services.


AVSED provides a holistic service that enables members to reconnect with their community as quickly as possible. Our approach is social, not medical, and offers a wrap-around support element to complement statutory services.


Inclusion means different things to different people. At AVSED we will do our best to support your needs on inclusion and provide options for you to explore. Barriers to inclusion can be health, memory, mobility, sight, hearing, mental health, emotional support, finance, knowledge of services and access. We offer low-level support in trying to overcome these and other barriers and work together to build resilience and opportunities.


Digital befriending can support members needing assistance with most IT equipment issues. Available in the home or at Nunroyd Pavilion. AVSED has equipment for loan including iPads and Alexas.


We have both telephone and in home befrienders that can call or visit you on a regular basis. Befrienders are perfect for members that are unable to get out and about or attend activities. A befriending match can chat, play games, read a newspaper, listen to music - anything that you enjoy and wish to explore.


Provides low-level handyman services to members such as hanging pictures, replacing light bulbs, building flat packs and hanging curtains. Being that extra helping hand in the home for the little jobs they can’t get round to or manage. Payment only for the parts needed.


Support to access and understand services and amenities within the local area. Providing information and advice to maximise social interaction, community connections and explore different ideas & options.


AVSED is here to support both carers and cared for with our dedicated casework management and Time Together - Time Apart programme.
General advice and guidance to access services and support pathways and explore city-wide support routes.


Working alongside our exercise and health activities – we can assist members to access independent information, advice and knowledge on conditions, effects, and management routines/techniques, plus guidance on ‘living well’.

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